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Department of Agriculture

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) benefits the public by promoting the viability and advancement of New Mexico agriculture and affiliated industries. NMDA promotes a fair marketplace, food protection, marketing, and economic development; supports the beneficial use and conservation of natural resources; and works cooperatively with the public and private sectors.

Aging and Long-Term Services

The State of New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department [ALTSD] serves more than 200,000 seniors, adults with disabilities, and caregivers across the state with support, services, and resources. Throughout the pandemic, ALTSD provided more than 4 million meals to seniors and adults with disabilities and continues to provide approximately 21,000 grab-n-go meals each day. With a dedicated staff and the help of 4,700 senior volunteers, the department strives to help thousands of New Mexicans achieve healthy aging, attain lifelong independence, and maintain their dignity.

Children, Youth and Families Department

All of New Mexico’s children are our priority. We work to make sure that every child is safe from abuse and neglect. We also work to strengthen families so that they are safe, healthy and resilient.

Corrections Department

The New Mexico Corrections Department strives to strengthen New Mexico communities through the operation of safe prison facilities, effective community supervision, and community involvement. Our goal is to provide those entrusted to our care with opportunities for positive personal growth and self-development through our various initiatives. Under the strong leadership of our Governor and our Secretary, the vision of the Corrections Department is to make a confident and lasting impact on the wellbeing and strength of our great state.

Department of Cultural Affairs

For centuries, New Mexico has been a mecca where many and varied cultures have lived side by side, sharing and celebrating their cultural differences. The result — a lush, refreshing texture of styles and designs on the joyful business of living.

Department of Finance and Administration

The Department of Finance and Administration provides sound fiscal advice and problem solving support to the Governor and provides budget direction and fiscal oversight to state agencies and local governments. The agency is made up of 5 divisions; the Local Government Division, the Board of Finance Division, the State Budget Division, the Financial Control Division, and the Administrative Services Division.

Department of Game and Fish

From mammals and birds to fish, amphibians and reptiles, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish oversees the management of a large diversity of wildlife species, and their habitats, across our great state. In addition to the management of more common species, the Department also develops and implements recovery plans for wildlife species listed by the state as threatened or endangered, ensuring that the biodiversity of New Mexico is not lost.

Department of Health

The New Mexico Department of Health works to ensure a healthier New Mexico. The department’s mission is: to ensure health equity, and works with our partners to promote health and well-being and improve health outcomes for all people in New Mexico.

Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

The New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) prides itself on being the central source for information on the state’s homeland security and emergency management efforts and initiatives. Our agency is building a culture of security and service for all New Mexicans.

Department of Information Technology

The New Mexico Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is the enterprise technology partner serving State agencies in technology advancements to streamline and improve the State’s IT ecosystem in a secure data center and network environment. DoIT promotes a safe and secure enterprise computing environment and protects the privacy and security of the State’s information through implementation of industry-accepted security policies, standards, and procedures.

Department of Public Safety

At the Department of Public Safety (DPS) our top priority is to protect human life and property in New Mexico through the detection and prevention of criminal activity and enforcement of state laws and regulations. The DPS is responsible for statewide law enforcement services, training, disaster, and emergency response. The agency provides technical communications and forensics support to the public and other law enforcement agencies. The New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy trains and certified law enforcement and telecommunication (dispatcher) and provides oversight of nine sub-academies located throughout New Mexico. New Mexico State Police is the most recognizable division of the department.

Department of Transportation

Multimodal transportation choices invigorate the economy and connect people in small towns and cities and facilitate transportation of goods and people to other states and nations. NMDOT focuses on the following modes of travel: transit, rail, aviation and highways. We’ve strengthened our commitment to traffic safety, environmental excellence, and complete planning, design and engineering services.

Department of Veterans Services

The New Mexico Department of Veterans Services (DVS) provides support and services for New Mexico’s veterans and their families. DVS treats every veteran, regardless of their rank achieved during military service, with the respect and gratitude befitting someone who has served our country. We strive every day to live up to our agency’s official motto: Serving Those Who Served. To us, every day is Veterans Day.

Early Childhood Education & Care Department

The Early Childhood Education and Care Department is working to ensure that all New Mexican families and young children have equitable access to high-quality early childhood opportunities.

Economic Development Department

The mission of the Economic Development Department (EDD) is to improve the lives of New Mexico families by creating economic opportunities and providing a place for businesses to thrive. New opportunities come from economic growth across diverse targeted industry sectors. EDD programs provide investment and technical assistance to help businesses grow and communities achieve their goals.

Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department

The mission of the Economic Development Department (EDD) is to improve the lives of New Mexico families by creating economic opportunities and providing a place for businesses to thrive. New opportunities come from economic growth across diverse targeted industry sectors. EDD programs provide investment and technical assistance to help businesses grow and communities achieve their goals.

Environment Department

Our mission is to protect and restore the environment and to foster a healthy and prosperous New Mexico for present and future generations. We implement our mission guided by four core values: science, innovation, collaboration, and compliance. We use the best available science to inform our decision making in protecting public health and the environment. We employ creative engineering and technical solutions to address environmental challenges. We engage communities and interested stakeholders in decision-making. Finally, we ensure compliance with state regulations and permits, leveling the playing field by holding polluters accountable.

General Services Department

The General Services Department is the support agency for state government, providing agencies with air and ground transportation, facilities management and operation, construction management, printing and graphics solutions, procurement contracting, health care and other employee benefits, liability coverage and more.