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The New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) benefits the public by promoting the viability and advancement of New Mexico agriculture and affiliated industries. NMDA promotes a fair marketplace, food protection, marketing, and economic development; supports the beneficial use and conservation of natural resources; and works cooperatively with the public and private sectors.

NMDA develops, implements and promotes global marketing and economic development to facilitate trade; maintains regulatory compliance through cooperative relationships with industries, agencies and the public to ensure consumer protection and a uniform marketplace for agriculture; promotes responsible and effective use and management of natural resources in support of agriculture; ensures a safe and secure food supply; and conducts diagnostic analysis of animal specimens to determine the cause of deaths or to identify diseases.

NMDA Divisions

  • The Agricultural and Environmental Services Division includes: Entomology and Nursery Industries, (Apiary Registration, New Invasive Economic Plant Pest Surveys, Nursery Licensing, Phytosanitary Certificates, Plant Pest Quarantine and Eradication Programs); Pesticide Compliance (Pesticide Applicator Certification and Licensing, Pesticide Product Registration, Pesticide Enforcement and Inspection, Consumer Information); and Hemp Program (Licensing, Laws and Regulation).
  • The Agricultural Production Services Division includes: Agricultural Biosecurity (Emergency Support Function 11, Food Protection, Food Safety, Food Defense, Food Security, New Mexico Food Protection Alliance, Rapid Response Team); Feed, Seed and Fertilizer (Commercial Feed, Fertilizer and Soil Conditioners, Seed); Produce Safety (Food Safety Modernization Act, Produce Safety Rule); Dairy (Licensing and Regulations, Inspections).
  • The Agricultural Programs and Resources Division includes: Acequia and Community Ditch Fund, Healthy Soil Program, Noxious Weed Information, Water and Natural Resource Policy, Rangeland and Grazing Issues, Soil and Water Conservation Districts (Open Meetings Act Resources, References and Resources for SWCD Supervisors and Staff), and Soil and Water Conservation Commission agendas and approved minutes.
  • Director/Secretary Office includes: Director/Secretary, Deputy Director, Business Support Services, Government Relations, Human Resources, Industry and Agency Programs, Information Technology, Public Affairs Director, Public Records Requests.
  • The Laboratory Division includes: Metrology Laboratory, Petroleum Standards Laboratory, State Chemist Laboratory, State Seed Laboratory, Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratory.
  • The Marketing and Development Division includes: Agricultural Statistics Bulletin, Competitive Grant Programs, Domestic Marketing and Development (Chef Ambassador Program, Funding Assistance, NEW MEXICO – Taste the Tradition/Grown with Tradition Program); Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Service; International Marketing and Development; Market News Program; and Organic Program.
  • The Standards and Consumer Services Division includes: Regulatory Compliance, Standards and Consumer Services (Chile Advertising Act, Egg Grading Act Activities, Livestock Scale Inspections); Petroleum Standards (Biodiesel Mandate, Labeling Requirements for Petroleum Products, Measuring Devices, Octane Posting Requirements, Biodiesel Labeling, Bonding and Registration); Pinon Nut Act; Weighmaster Act Licensing; Weights and Measures (Net Content of Packaged Goods, Price Representations, Regulations on Sale of Fuelwood, Bonding and Registration); Weights and Measures Registered Service Establishments (Petroleum, Scales).
  • The Veterinary Diagnostic Services Division provides accurate, timely diagnostic support in the pursuit of animal disease diagnosis for the citizens of New Mexico. Includes the livestock industry and the veterinary profession.

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Jeff M. Witte currently is President of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, a past president of the Western United States Agriculture Trade Association and on the board and past president of the Western Association of State Departments of Agriculture.

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