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Public Education Department

About the Department

The New Mexico Public Education Department partners with educators, communities, and families to ensure that ALL students are healthy, secure in their identity, and holistically prepared for college, career, and life. Our mission is to ensure students in New Mexico are engaged in a culturally and linguistically responsive educational system that meets the social, emotional, and academic needs of ALL students.

The New Mexico Public Education Department believes in the strength of our state’s diverse communities and in the inherent value of our multilingualism, resilience, creativity, culture, and compassion for one another.

Most Popular Services

Stephanie Schardin Clarke

Cabinet Secretary: Kurt Steinhaus

Kurt Steinhaus has led a lengthy and distinguished career in New Mexico public education, most recently as superintendent of Los Alamos Public Schools. Steinhaus began as a classroom educator, teaching at Alamogordo Public Schools from 1976 through 1988, where he also served as a department chair. Subsequently, in addition to teaching courses at Santa Fe Community College and the University of New Mexico, he was hired at what was then known as the state Department of Education as an educational consultant in the assessment and evaluation unit. From 1988 through 1999, he was promoted at the agency into varied leadership roles, including stints as state director of educational technology, director of the state data management unit, chief information officer and assistant superintendent for accountability and information services, in that time facilitating strategic planning about public education in New Mexico and managing budgets and staffing for program development, educational technology and interventions and incentive for school improvement.

Contact Information

Phone: (505) 827-5800

Email: PED.HelpDesk@state.nm.us 

Latest News

Information regarding ongoing food delivery efforts to food-insecure New Mexicans during the pandemic.

ALBUQUERQUE — The State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, Human Services Department and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) are working together in a public-private partnership to feed more than 3,000 New Mexicans who are food...